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Yoga Flow
A dynamic yoga flow class blends graceful postures, synchronized breathwork, and inner serenity.
Sustainable Products Zone
Explore products that align style with sustainability at our eco-friendly popup.  All products will have a 50% promotion for the day.
Live Music
Flowing through each pose, the live music serenades your soul, creating a harmonious dance between body and melody.
Meditation & Breath Work
Immerse yourself in a blissful meditation session, where you'll embrace serenity, mindfulness, and self-discovery.  In Breath Work, each inhale brings clarity and each exhale releases tension, guiding you to a profound sense of inner peace and vitality.
Sound Healing
Soothing vibrations and resonant tones envelop you, dissolving stress and aligning your energies into a state of deep relaxation and balance.
Zabeel Hall 6, Dubai Sports World
World Trade Center, Dubai, Dubai, UAE

In order to ensure a great experience for you, please see the following important information:

1. Create An Account In Dubai Sports World App To Enter - This is Mandatory!
In order to enter, all participants need to create an account in the Dubai Sports World App and scan their QR code at the entrance. You only need to create an account and it gives you a QR code (don't need to register for an event within the app). No participants will be allowed in without QR code. Note that this is different from signing-up on Rumi Yoga Day event website.

Here are the links for the Dubai Sports World App:
IPhone (iOS):
Android Phones:

2. Rumi Event Check-in & Wrist-Band
After entering Dubai Sports World by scanning the QR code, you will need to check-in at the Rumi Registration Desks to get a wrist-band to enter the Yoga Event Area and head to the field for mat placements.

3. Yoga Mats
You're recommended to bring your own yoga mat. Rumi's Pop-Up store will have yoga mats on sale at very low community prices. The Rumi team will be at the store to guide you to choose a mat. There will not be free mats available.

4. Directions & Parking
Option A:
Click here and park at Za’abeel Plaza and enter via Za’abeel Hall 6. There is a AED 5 fee and is the closest to the venue and most convenient option.
Option B:
Alternatively, you can choose from either the Al Mustaqbal Street Parking or Overflow Car Parking.

5. Rumi Earth Pop-Up Store
Rumi Earth will have a pop-up store with 50% off across all products for the morning only. The duration of the sale and pop-up will be 6 hours.

6. Dubai Kids World
There is a area for kids to play in the venue that is for ages 5 to 12.

7. Hydration & Snacks
We have AED 3 water bottles available near the Rumi Pop-up. In addition, all participants with the event wrist-band can get 25% off at Project Chaiwalla and 15% off at Rare 22 Cafe at the venue.

See you on the mat!
Kind regards,
Rumi Earth Team